This is my personal website meant to document and share my botany journey - fun places I go and new plants I learn along the way!

Plants of California

Explore plants I encountered while working with the San Francisco Bay Area Inventory & Monitoring Network

Plants of Southern Appalachia

Explore plants I encountered while working with the Great Smoky Mountains Inventory & Montitoring Network

Plants of Florida

Explore plants from my homestate 🐊

About me

My life in a nutshell...


I was born in Oviedo, Florida where I grew up with my mom, dad, brother & sister. I grew up in Oviedo up until I left for college to Gainesville, FL.


I graduated from the University of Florida, with a B.S. in Environmental Science and minor in Sustainability Studies. I hope to return to school in the near future with a focus on botany!


My botanizing began in college in Florida. Since then, I've botanized in places from the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennesee all the way to the Bay Area in California!


In my free time I enjoy exploring the outdoors hiking, backpacking, and climbing. I also enjoy crocheting, baking, and reading.

Plant favorites

Favorite tree? Liriodendron tulipifera

Favorite plant family? Orobanchaceae

Other fun things!

Other things in nature that also fascinate me - fungi & fauna

Challenges of field botany

The crispiest and tiniest of plants


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